‘Strange Jewels’ is a 25 page illustrated exploration of various thoughts and theories regarding the creative process. Its purpose is to express information in a more engaging way, whilst also  presenting the creative process as an experience. Aimed at a primarily creative audience, ‘Strange Jewels’ is intended to serve as a companion guide to creativity, particularly for those just beginning to learn about design theories and ways of thinking. It is also designed to work as a quick source of inspiration, with its small size and post card print extras making it easy to integrate into the workspace.




The University of Newcastle information booklet concept was designed as part of a suite of booklets providing a guide to each of the different areas (schools) of the University. Targeted at new students and visitors, the booklet was designed to deliver large amounts of information in a way that is engaging, accessible, and easy to navigate. This was achieved through the use of grid, hierarchy, type and illustration.






'The Dangar Island Garbage Boat' was the title of the 2016 edition of the Newcastle Poetry Prize Anthology; a carefully curated collection of poems from poets around Australia. For the 2016 anthology I was tasked with typesetting 185 pages in addition to designing the front and back cover. This involved constant and open communication with the 32 poets included, as well as my main client, the Hunter Writers Centre, to ensure that the project satisfied the needs and visions of all involved. The cover was designed to reflect elements of the winning poem (The Dangar Island Garbage Boat), while also expressing some of the key themes that ran throughout the anthology as a whole.




Yak Magazine is a free student magazine available to students in all University of Newcastle Campuses (Newcastle, Ourimbah, Port Macquarie and Sydney) that aims to entertain and inform readers on a variety of topics in each themed issue. Working on the Yak team after the 2016 rebrand,  the goal was to give the magazine a fresh and clean look that would appeal to and engage readers. As a part of the design team I worked on the editorial design, illustration, imagery and typesetting for the magazine, and prepared documents for print.

Displayed is my cover design for the Body issue, August 2016. 




'Dreamscapes' is a runner style game which follows the story of the main character as they navigate through the world of Dreamscapes, collecting crystals and defeating the "Creepers" in order to prevent the world from being destroyed. The aim was to create vector illustrations that combined a retro pixel game style with a more modern low-poly feel.  A colour palette of soft pastels, teals and purples as a base was used to help capture the friendly and whimsical atmosphere that the game aspires to.